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Relapse 2022

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Classic 3-Stage Rocker Design with a delicious price.

The Relapse enters Hyperlite’s Pro Model Package offering! This is an amazing value for our classic 3-Stage Rocker shape so many love. Shaped by Butch and endorsed by JD Webb, the Relapse continues to deliver that massive 3-Stage Rocker pop with a light swing weight thanks to its thin tip and tail. Butch’s Single Concave Base design provides a speedy ride throughout and soft landings after big airs. Molded-In fins offer you some customization as you can ride with or without the .8” P-Wing Fins that come with the Relapse.

SIZES: 136cm, 141cm

FINS: .8" P-Wing (2)


•  Biolite 3 Core

•  Blended 3-Stage Rocker

•  Molded-In Fins

•  Single Concave Base

•  Layered Glass

•  Monocoque Construction

•  Shaper: Butch Customs

•  M6 Inserts