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Blacklist 2022

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“The Black List combines a clean base and beveled edge for a snag free ride on both water and rails. Add in the fast profile and flex tips and you’ll be spinning endless laps pressing it out.” — Graeme Burress

Challenging Graeme and Aaron to enhance the ever popular Wishbone shape is no easy task. Nonetheless, they did just that with the new Blacklist shape. Starting with a narrower profile for quicker edge to edge response and a Continuous Rocker for a faster feel. With a clean base design and tip / tail pipe tunnel the Blacklist locks on to all features with ease. Low swing weight thanks to minimal tip / tail volume is complimented by the Platform Grab Rail for added strength within the stance area. The Blacklist touches down with a 4 on Hyperlite’s Flex Factor.

SIZES: 149cm, 152cm

FINS: Finless



•  Woodlite Core

•  Continuous Rocker

•  Full Beveled Edge

•  Platform Grab Rail

•  Minimum Swing Weight Profile

•  Sintered Base

•  Urethane Sidewall

•  Concave Tip / Tail Base Design

•  Shaper: Aaron Stumpf

•  M6 Inserts